"I am absolutely delighted with my bike, Mooro could not have done better. I am a completely independent client who is so lucky to own No. 5."

"This bike descends like an angry rhino and climbs like a scared monkey! Mooro customised everything and the weld quality is superb. The bike loves to be ridden fast and rewards an aggressive rider. Jarrah leaves from my front yard were used for the amazing anodised artwork. It was a genuine privilege to take part in the process and enjoy the final product."

"I was excited to be able to sit down with a local custom builder and talk through all the points of how I wanted the bike to handle and how it was going to be built. To be able to personalise it with the anodising was important to me, to carry some memories with me riding. It turned out perfectly. The acceleration and handling is just what I wanted."

"The bike is just amazing. Even with my position setup for endurance, it is easily the fastest bike I have ever owned and the first bike that really fits me. It climbs and accelerates fast, yet floats over the roughest roads."

+61 421 548 423 (Chris)