Every Mooro frame is made to order. Our production timeline is approximately 12 weeks, though that can vary, depending upon the availability of materials and components from our suppliers.

The Art of Conversation

We treat every order as an ongoing conversation with the customer. It starts with an introduction where we learn about what you, the customer needs, while explaining what we have to offer. If both parties understand each other well, then the final product will always benefit.

In today's age, there is no strict need to meet face-to-face to accomplish this, but if you're in Perth, then we would love to meet up and discuss your wants and options for your new bike .

Five steps (and payments) to the final product

  1. Deposit: $500.
    If you like the sound of what we have to offer, then placing a deposit will secure a place in our production queue. Once paid, we will start collecting all the details needed to design your frame.

  2. Drawing: $1,000.
    This is where we start to give form to your desires, compiling fit data, specific functions, and component preferences to create the blueprint for your frame. At this stage, it is not necessary to finalise details for the finish of the frame/module to start building your frame.

  3. Manufacturing: $1,500.
    Once you have approved the final drawing, we can start cutting tubes and welding them together. Now it's time to finalise all your ideas for the finish of the frame/module.

  4. Finishing: 50% of remaining balance.
    Once the frame has been welded, then we move onto finishing it. This may involve polishing, anodising, sandblasting and/or painting various parts of the frame. If ordering a complete bike, we build it up and test ride it.

  5. Delivery: Remainder of balance.
    New bike day!

Want to place a deposit and get started... 

Just reach out

We don't sell bikes, we make them, but if you need any more information about what we have to offer, just ask. The easiest way to get in touch with us is via phone or e-mail.

Australia, rest of world: Chris Morgan, +61 421 548 423, info@moorocycles.com

North America: Chris Andruscavage, +1 (360) 305 1441, northamerica@moorocycles.com

+61 421 548 423 (Chris)