Hand-Crafted Titanium Frames made in Perth, Western Australia


Personalised Frames Combining Art, Craft, and Function


We believe every devoted cyclist deserves a bike that meets all their needs. That it is as beautiful as it is functional, and that it satisfies the heart, as well as the legs. Handcrafted and finished to the highest specifications, Mooro Cycles redefines the modern riding experience.


Every Mooro Cycles frame is hand-built in our workshop in Perth, Western Australia in collaboration with our customers. We have four models — road, all-road/gravel, cyclocross, and MTB — and in each case, the geometry of the frame, the choice of fittings, and the final finish can be personalised according to the needs of the heart and the legs.


We choose to use titanium for every frame because it is light and resilient, offers a distinctive ride quality, and we can decorate it with some stunning anodised colours. It's a unique blend of properties that cannot be found elsewhere in the market.

We were internationally recognised at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in 2019 as a finalist in the "Best New Builder" category. 

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